About Us

 Collision boutique is a small online store run by two best friends in San Francisco, California. We hand picked theses products to provide you with the latest trends in clothing and accessories. Aiming to bring you stylish pieces to complete your look and enhance your confidence.

Our vision

After going through infinite amount of insecurities and confidence, we wanted to show our journey through this boutique. We aim to empower young women to show different personalities through style and fashion as well as confidence in who they are. 


All orders are hand packaged with love (also comes w/ freebies). We sanitize our work area and use gloves during the pandemic for safety. In order to ensure we can provide the fast shipping, all packages are shipped out the next business day to our USPS carrier. 

Why support small businesses?

unique products - products are created for you and differentiate from bigger brands.

personalized unboxing - packages are personalized by the business owner, writing hand written messages and spending time to make everything perfect for you.

freebies - most small businesses include free items and exclusive items to give back to every single customer.


How you can support small businesses:

spread the word - sharing small business pages in your social network really helps to give more people a chance to look at their website and products.

sign up for email list - subscribing to newsletters helps us offer personalized customer service and exclusive offers. (stay tuned in with us and new offers every month)

make a purchase - whether it's a small or big purchase, we appreciate any type of support to grow our community and be able to give back to our supporters.

write a review or ask us a question - letting us know what you think is helping us improve quality and ensuring your satisfaction.